The art of faux finishing has been present in all periods of the decorative arts since ancient times. From marbled pottery to gilded frames to simulated wood finishes, special glazes and novelty finishes, people have made faux renditions of the textures and colors found naturally in the natural resources of the earth such as marble, stone, wood, and precious metals.

In recent years, the art of faux finishing has experienced an exciting renaissance. The revival and perfection of faux finishing techniques has led to new detail and originality in the design and craftsmanship of painted finishes. The design palette has been broadened to include a myriad of color, textures, shapes and special effects that create surroundings unique to the individual and/or business. Finished looks include glazing, marbling, tortoise shell, wood grain, verdigris, stone, crackle lure, lapis lazuli, gilded, decorative malachite, sponged, ragged and more. From subtle to bold, faux finishes, can redefine an existing environment, or create a totally new one.

The 10 Best Reasons to Consider Faux Finishing for your Decorating Designs
  1. Faux finishing can enhance a variety of interior and exterior surfaces including walls, ceilings, doors, woodwork, furniture, fireplace hearths, columns and more.
  2. Faux finishing can transform and embellish existing surroundings, or create a totally new look.
  3. Faux finishes are truly unique to you -- a reflection of your personal taste and style.
  4. A faux finish can be made to match or compliment any element in your surroundings.
  5. Faux finish can be fashioned to accommodate any size surface area.
  6. Faux finishing can give you the look of marble, stone, wood and other textures at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
  7. Faux finishes are long lasting and durable.
  8. Faux finishes are easy to repair.
  9. Faux finishes are easy to clean and maintain.
  10. Faux finishes never need to be removed -- just redecorate over it or add to it. In addition, most faux finishes are done with environmentally friendly water based paints, which have a low odor and dry very quickly.